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MASTER OF ALCHEMY Rise of the Mechanologists

A revamped PC and Mac version of the well known puzzle game already available for iOS

Master of Alchemy has obtained a great success on the iPad, in the early days of the Apple tablet. The gameplay is fresh and unique and the PC and Mac version has many new features, to satisfy the different audience.

Rise of the Mechanologists is a fully revamped game, with reworked controls, beautiful HD graphics and refined levels, that will test the ability of every puzzle game lover that is looking for a real challenge.

The player can choose one of the six apprentices, learning how to use alchemic tools to manipulate matter and make it change, from solid to liquid and gas forms, so it’s possible to transport particles from the source points to the destination tanks. Acting fast and preserving the purity of the substances impact on the final score and on the alchemist badges, so the game is suitable for both newcomers and veterans that want to unlock everything in the game.


  • Darker style.
  • Support for high resolution screens, up to 2560 x 1440.
  • Controls adapted for mouse and keyboard.
  • 60 revised levels to master.


Available on

MASTER OF ALCHEMY Rise of the Mechanologists is available in digital download on many online stores: and also in the Mac App Store


Master of Alchemy has also been part of the Indie Bundle.



Developer and Publisher

MASTER OF ALCHEMY Rise of the Mechanologists - Developed by DarkWave Games and published by Forge Reply